Permitted Area of Myanmar

Item No Region Permitted Area The Areas which need to get the Prior Permission
1 Nay Pyi Taw Council
2 Kachin State   a.      Bhamo Township a.      Naung-mon Township
  b.      Shwegu Township b.      Kawng-lan-hpu Township
  c.       Mogaung Township c.       Sumprabum Township
  d.      Mohnyin Township d.      Hpakant Township
  e.      Myit-kyi-na Township e.      Tanai Township
  f.        Injangyang Township
  Permitted only in the Downtown Areas g.      Chipwi Township
  a.      Putao Township h.      Tsawlaw Township
  b.      Machanbaw Township
  c.       Mansi Township
  d.      Momauk Township
  e.      Waingmaw Township
3 Kayah State a.      Loi-kaw Township
b.      Demoso Township
  ":Dawkaladu and Taneelalae Village in Dawkalawdu Village Group" The Areas which need to get the prior permission
  :Ngwetaung Village in Ngwetaung Village Group a. Shadaw Township
  :Panpetrwanku, Panpetsaunglu, Panpetpemasaung
  ":Panpetkateku and Panpetdawke Villages
(Except these, other areas need to get permission)"
  c.      Hpasawng Township
  d.      Bawlakhe Township
  e.      Mese Township
  : Uptown Quarters in Hpasaung, Bawlakheand Mese
  : Towns on the bordering- trade way with Thailand
  (Except these, other areas need to get permission)
Permitted Only in the Downtown Area 
a. Hpruso Township
4 Kayin State a.      Hpa-an Township The Areas which need to get the Prior Permission
  b.      Mya-wady Township a.      Kyain Seikgyi Township
  :Su-kali Sub-Township :Phayathonsu Town
  :Wal-lae Sub-Township :Kyeikdon Town
  b.      Hpa-pun Township
  Permitted only in the Downtown Areas :Kamamaung Town
  a.      Kaw-ka-reik Township
  :Kyone-doe Sub-Township
  b.      Hlaingbwe Township
  :Pai-kyone Sub-Township
  : Shan-ywa-thit Sub-Township
  c.       Thandaunggyi Township
  :Leiktho Town
  :Bawgali Town
5 Chin State Permitted Areas
6 Sagaing Region a.      Sagaing Township



b.      Myinmu Township




c.       Myaung Township




d.      Monywa Township




e.      Chaugn-u Township




f.        Ayadaw Township




g.      Budalin Township




h.      Shewbo Township




i.        Depeyin Township




j.        Ye-u Township




k.       Khin-u Township




l.        Taze Township




m.    Kyunhla Township




n.      Kanbalu Township




o.      Wetlet Township




p.      Katha Township




q.      Indaw Township




r.       Htigyaing Township




s.       Pinlebu Township




t.        Banmauk Township




u.      Kawlin Township




v.       Wuntho Township




w.     Yinmabin Township




x.       Salingyi Township




y.       Pale Township




z.       Kani Township




aa.  Kale Township




bb.  Kalewa Township




cc.   Min-gin Township




dd.  Mawlaik Township




ee.  Paungbyin Township




ff.     Tamu Township




gg.  Kani Township




:Homalin Township




:Leshi Township




:Lahe Township




The Areas which need to get the Prior Permission




a.      Nanyun Township



Tanintharyi Region

a.      Kawthaung Township  


  :Khamaukgyi Sub-Township  


b.      Dawei Township  


:Myitta Sub-Township  


c.       Yebyu Township  


:Kaleinaung Sub-Township  


d.      Launglon Township  


e.      Thayetchaung Township  


f.        Tanintharyi Township  


g.      Palaw  


:Palauk Sub-Township  


h.      Myeik Township  


Permitted only in the Downtown Areas  


a.      Bokpyin Township  


:Pyigyimandaing Sub-Township  


  :Karathuri Town  


  b.      Kyunsu Township  



Bago Region

a. Bago Township  


b. Daik-U Township  


c. Nyaunglebin Township  

Need to Get Permission  

d. Kyauktaga Township  

a. Shwe Kyin Township  

e. Waw Township  

(The Rest areas except downtown of Shwe Kyin)  

f. Thanatpin Township  


g. Kawa Township  


h. Taungoo Township  


i. Yedashe Township  


j. Oktwin Township  


k. Phyu Township  


l. Tantabin Township  


m. Kyaukkyi Township  


n. Pyay Township  


o. Paukkaung Township  


p. Thegon Township  


q. Paungde Township  


r. Shwedaung Township  


s. Padaung Township  


r. Shwedaung Township  


t. Tharrawaddy Township  


u. Letpadan Township  


v. Minhla Township  


w. Monyo Township  


x. Okpho Township  


y. Gyobingauk Township  


z. Zigon Township  


aa. Nattalin Township  


Permitted only in the Downtown Areas  


a.Shwe Kyin Township  



Magway Region

Permitted areas  



Mandalay Region

Permitted areas  



Mon State

a. Bilin Township



"Kalatha Hill near Taunggyi Village, Kyaukpi Phaya and Kyaukdaga Pagoda near Melan Village
(Except these,other areas Need to get permission)"

The Areas which need to get the Prior Permission



b. Thahton Township

a. Kyaikmaraw Town



"Myathabeik Pagoda in Nankhe Quarter
(Except these,other areas need to get permission)"




c. Thanbyuzayat Township




"Wekali Natural Hot Spring , Panga Sarkween, Death Railway Museum, War Cemetry Museum, Kyaikkhami Yele Pagoda and Setse Beach (Except these, other areas need to get permission)"




d. Kyaikhto Township




e. Paung Township




Permitted only in the Downtown Areas




Zinkyaik Town




Moattama Town




f. Mawlamyine Township




g. Chaungzon Township




h. Mudon Township




Kamawat Town



Permitted only in the Downtown Areas




a. Ye Township



Rakhine State

Permitted in downtown Sittwe but requires permission in all areas outside of Sittwe.  


Yangon Region

 Permitted Areas



Shan State

a. Taunggyi Township

The Areas which need to get the Prior Permission



b. Kalaw Township

a. Kyay-thee Township



c. Nyaungshwe Township

b. Mai-kai Township



d. Hopong Township

c. Mai-shu Township



e. His Hseng Township

d. Mai-pan Township



f. Pinlaung Township

e. Mauk-mae Township



g. Pekon Township

f. Manton Township



h. Ywangan Township

g. Lauk-kaing Township



i. Pindaya Township

h. Kone-kyan Township



j. Muse Township

i. Mong-la Township



k. Namhkam Township

j. Nar-phan Township



l. Kutkhaing Township

k. Pan-wine Township



m. Hopang Township

l. Pan-sann (Pan-khan) Township



:Panlong Town

m. Mai-maw Township



n. Kyaingtong Township




o. Mong Khet Township




p. Mong Yang Township




q. Mong Ping Township




r. Tachileik Township




s. Mong Hpayak Township




t. Mong Yawng Township




Permitted only in the Downtown Areas




a. Yatsawk Township




b. Loilen Township




:Pinlon Town




c. Namhsan Township




:Kholan Sub-Township




d. Kunhing Township




:Ka-li Town




e. Lecha Township




f. Linke Township




g. Moenel Township




h. Lashio Township




i. Thein-ni Township




j. Tangyan Township




k. Konglong Township




l. Mineyal Township




m. Kyaukme Township




n. Hsipaw Township




o. Naungcho Township




p. Namtu Township




q. Nansang Township




r. Moemate Township




s. Mabein Township




t. Minesat Township




u. Minetong Township




v. Matmann Township



Ayeyarwaddy Region

a. Pathein Township




:Shwe-thaung-yan Town




:Ngwesaung Township




b. Kangyi daunk Township




c. Thabaung Township




d. Ngapudaw Township




:Ngayokekaung Township




:Hai-gyi-kyun Town




e. Kyonpyaw Township




:Antaung Town




f. Yekyi Township




:Ngathaingchaung Town




:Ahthoke Town




g. Kyaunggon Township




h. Hinthada Township




i. Zalun Township




j. Lemyethna Township




k. Myanaung Township




l. Kyangin Township




m. Ingapu Township




:Tugyi Town




n. Myaungmya Township




o. Einme Township




p. Wakema Township




:Kyonmanage Township




q. Maubin Township




r. Pantanaw Township




s. Nyaungdon Township




t. Danubyu Township




u. Phapon Township




:Ahmar Town




v. Bogale Township




w. Kyaiklat Township




x. Dedaye Township




y. Labutta Township




:Pyinsalu Town




z. Mawlamyinegyun Township


Additional Restricted Areas for Securit



Restricted Areas


Kachin State

Lweje, Dotphonyan, Sadone, Kanpitee, Panandin, Kamaing,Shinbwayyang, Panwar


Kayin State

Papun, Hlaing bwe, Shanywathit, Sukali, Wawlaymyaing,Thantaunggyi, Kyain Seikgyi, Kawkareik


Sagaing Region

Katha, Banmauk


Thaninthayi Region



Bago Region

Htantabin, Kyaukkyi, Kyaukkyi Township (Mone)


Mandalay Region

Mogok, Tha-beik-kyin, Pyin-oo-lwin (Kyuntaing, Nyaungkone, Thabyae Chaung, Moegyoepyit, Pategone, Naungpaine, Maetaw)


Rakhine State

Bu-thi-daung, Maung-daw(Taungpyoletwe), Palet-wa, Sittwe (15 IDP Camps), Ya-the-daung (4 IDP Camps), Pauk-taw (4 IDP Camps), Kyauktaw (1 IDP Camp), Myebon (1 IDP Camp), Kuaukpyu (1 IDP Camp), Ramree (1 IDP Camp)


Shan State (North)

Mine ngoc,Mine lon, Chin-shwe-haw. Hopang, Namtit, Panlon, Mawhteik, Muse, Namkhan, Kutkai, Mankan


Shan Stae (East)

Mine Khet, Mine Yang (Mine Pauk), Minela, Mine Pyin(Tontar), Mine Hpayak, Mine Yawng(Mine Yu)


Shan State (South)

Hsi Hseng, Loilen (Mine Pon)